SWAN : a four-year International Cooperation Project granted by the European Commission.



  • The slides and the report of the 2nd SWAN International Conference here
  • The 2nd SWAN International Conference "Open Knowledge: Bridging Perspectives to Address Water Challenges" (February 16-17, 2016; Tucson, USA) is getting close! Please, check the Conference Website for more information.
  • We are welcoming a new member to our group, Christelle Feliciano. Christelle is currently a senior here at the University of Arizona and will be assisting the group with administrative tasks and organizing the SWAN International Conference
  • We are getting ready for the SWAN International Conference that will be held in Tucson on February 16-17, 2016. Check the preliminary schedule!. Just before the Conference (February 15, 2016), a Student Workshop will be taking place at the Biosphere 2 installations. Please, find out more information about the Student Workshop (and the application form) here. More information about the Conference comming soon!
  • 6th SWAN Progress Meeting & Stakeholders Workshop "Outputs and Perspectives of the Transatlantic Dialogue"April 20-24, 2015 - Sofia, Bulgaria. More infomration can be found here
  • Alba Ballester, researcher of the USE team, participated at the Brown Bag Seminar Series last week (February 19, 2015), held in the Water Resources Research Center (WRRC). The slides of her talk entitled "Public Participation in the Implementation of the Water Framework Directive in Spain" are available here.
  • The registration for 25th El Día del Agua is open! More information here!
  • Check the slides of the presentations of the Workshop "Towards a Framework for a Transatlantic Dialogue on Water: What Role for the University of Arizona?" here!
  • November 10-15, 2014 - 5th SWAN Progress Meeting  & Workshop "Towards a Framework for a Transatlantic Dialogue on Water: What Role for the University of Arizona?"  Consult the Schedule and the Extended Program of the Workshop.
  • The third issue of the USE SWAN eNewsletter is already out! It covers research advances and activities carried out by USE SWAN team and make special emphasis on the topics covered by the conference sessions.
  • Stoyan Nedkov and Kremena Boyanova, researchers of the NIGGG-BAS SWAN team,  will both participate in the 7th Annual Ecosystem Services Partnership (ESP) Conference, "Local action for the common good", which will take place in Costa Rica, September 8-12, 2014. They will present the SWAN project in the "Ecosystem service modelling, uncertainty and validation" session with the following talks:

"Mapping and modeling of ecosystem services in protected mountain areas", by Stoyan Nedkov, Maryana Nikolova, Alexander Gikov & Emil Gachev

"Application of the Water Footprint Concept for Quantification of Water-related Ecosystem Services", by Kremena Boyanova Kremena, Petya Koleva, Stoyan Nedkov, & Benjamin Burkhard

Stoyan Nedkov will be also co-hosting a session on "Information technology to support ecosystem services research and practice". The topic overlaps with the SWAN task to build visualization tool. 

  • Two SWAN members, Leandro del Moral and Natalia Limones, will be present at the next edition of "The Researchers' Night"  that will take place on September 26 in Seville, where they will talk about the latest advances in collaborative research on issues related to water. Read more about it in the recent article published in the magazine iagua (in Spanish): 'SWAN: Collaborative research as a solution to problems related to water.
  • June 9-11, 2014 - SWAN International Conference on Data, Information and Knowledge for Water Governance in the Networked Society - Sevilla

- Consult the Flyer and the Extended Program of the Conference

- Find out the Call for Papers of the Special Issue that will be published in the journal Water Alternatives building on the contents of the June 2014 SWAN International Conference

- The videos and slides of the oral communications can be found here

  • October 28-31, 2013 - Third Progress Meeting - Tucson
  • October, 2013 - Newsletter of the University of Seville’ SWAN team

    Here is the second USE SWAN eNEWSLETTER
    All the latest news on University of Seville'SWAN team - Volume 2, october 2013

  • April 29 - May 3, 2013 - Second Progress Meeting,  Stakeholders Workshop, and Governing Board Meeting

To see the presentations click here to open the PDF version