Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique

Founded in 1939, the Centre national de la recherche scientifique (CNRS) is a government-funded research organization under the administrative authority of France's Ministry of Research. CNRS is involved in all scientific fields and its research units are spread throughout France,  employing  a  large  body  of  permanent  researchers, engineers, technicians, and administrative staff. CNRS has an active partnership and cooperation policy with other European and International research organizations. The organization develops scientific collaboration projects with 93 countries, participates in 304 international programs and 56 scientific cooperation agreements. In addition, it has partnerships with 102 European and International Associated Laboratories (LEA/LEI) and 20 International Joint Unit.


UMI 3157 iGlobes : interdisciplinary and global environmental studies

This joint center (CNRS/UA), founded January 2008, and located at the College of Sciences (UA), is under the direction of Franck Poupeau. The UMI 3157  develops  international, comparative  and  interdisciplinary  research programs and promotes partnerships between U.S. and French scientists. Under joint programs with the UA (i.e., Partners University Fund), it implements exchange programs, hosts visiting French scholars and PhD students, and organizes seminars, summer workshops, symposia and international conferences.