U.N. Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization Research Team

Laszlo Hayde

Team Leader

PhD, MSc, Senior Lecturer in Irrigation Engineering and Vice-President, International Commission on Irrigation and Drainage (ICID). Dr. Hayde has served as Project leader and Water Sector Tertiary Education specialist of the component Upgrading Education Facilities at the Water Resources University (WRU) Hanoi, Vietnam in the project Strengthening Water Management and Irrigation Systems Rehabilitation Project (2009). He was Project leader of a tailor-made training for 20 university staff members of the Georgian State Agricultural University (GSAU) and Armenian State Agrarian University (ASAU) on “Water Resources Management in Agri-ecosystems” in Georgia, Armenia and The Netherlands. Netherlands Fellowship Programs NFPTM. 07/38/1952, 2008. He was also Project director for Professional Training of 160 Civil Servants working for the Regional Authorities belonging to the Ministry of Environment and Water on the EU Water Framework Directive, Hungary.

Charlotte de Fraiture

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Assela Pathirana

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