Universidad de Sevilla

University of Sevilla - Department of Geography

With over 500 years of history, the University of Seville (USE) is the largest public university in Andalucía and the second largest in Spain. The Department of Geography (Human Geography and Physical Geography and Regional Analysis) is part of the School of Geography and History. The Department has been working for the past thirty years on climate and hydrological risk management closely connected with regional and spatial planning. Department academic staff have participated in a variety of EU and nationally funded research projects on social and institutional responses to climate change and climatic hazards, evaluation of river basin governance, climatic and drought risk modelling, or water policy evaluation, to name only a few.
In addition to its academic research focus, the Department actively participates as independent advisor in project development and evaluation for different regional, national and European administrations. Some examples of this advisory role include:
- Advisory committees for the preparation of the Regional Spatial Development Plan of Andalusia and the Andalusia Regional Irrigation Plan;
- Multicriteria evaluation of different water allocation options and environmental implications of water management, including the metropolitan area of Seville water supply system as one of the case-studies;
- Evaluation of the hydrological aspects (floods, drought and water quality) of the European Spatial Development Perspective.


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