University of Arizona Research Team

Hoshin Gupta

Team Leader

Professor (Hydrology & Water Resources) is an expert in integrated systems modeling and its applications to decision-making, and in strategies for reconciling models with data. He was a PI and Executive Director of the 10-year NSF Science & Technology Center on Sustainability of semi-Arid Hydrology and Riparian Areas (SAHRA) and leader of the integrated modeling team. He is co-author of a book addressing the challenges of responding to future climate change and development in the State of New Mexico.

Francina Dominguez

Professor (Atmospheric Science) is an expert in dynamical and statistical climate downscaling, regional atmospheric modeling and precipitation recycling.

Susan Harris

Master’s student working with Hoshin Gupta and Franck Poupeau at the University of Arizona. Her research project for SWAN  concerns the process of interdisciplinary analysis of water issues including communication with and involvement of stakeholders. 

Juan Valdes

Professor (Hydrology & Water Resources), is expert in analysis of extreme events. He was Director of SAHRA and leader of its international collaboration activities (Sustainability of semi-Arid Hydrology and Riparian Areas, a Science and Technology Center of the national Science Foundation).

Zhao Yang

PhD student working with Francina Dominguez and Hoshin Gupta at University of Arizona. His research interest lies in understanding the effect of urban areas on regional weather and climate. 

Xubin Zeng

Professor (Atmospheric Science), is expert in multiresolution and multi-scale modeling of the coupled land-atmosphere system. He is the Director of the Climate Dynamics & Hydrometeorology Center (CDHC) at the University of Arizona.