WP2 will work on governance for sustainable water, with a participatory approach and:
- develop the governance and participation studies in support of the main SWAN objectives,
- offer seminar presentations on governance and participation in water management,
- develop analysis of public participation policies for water in selected European countries (UK, France, Spain, Holland and Bulgaria) and comparison with USA
- identify common EU/USA challenges to the above
- prepare information and educationmaterial for public, private and third sector organizations.
Description of work and role of partners
WP2 will be led by partner 3 with substantial input from UMI and partner 4 and will involve partner 6 at specific activities
Task 2-1: Public participation in water management: EU/USA
Organize joint research (scholars and students), prepare the thematic area on water governance for the scientific program of SWC. Selected case studies will be analyzed in a comparative perspective. Findings will be submitted to the Stakeholders Committee to be included in the Stakeholders workshops reports.
Months 1-6, with UMI and partners 4, 6
Task 2-2: Develop a comparative water security policies: a key thematic field for the SWAN project
The UWE team, together with IHE, UMI, BAS will focus in the development of this major thematic field. This task will study the development and implementation of policies for water security in the UK, France, Spain, Holland and Bulgaria, and comparison of these experiences with water security initiatives in the USA. An autumn 2012 conference at UWE will involve a digital link-up with UMI/UA and an enhancement of online materials related to water security, public participation and social engagement for sustainable water management.
Months 6-24, with UMI and partners 4, 6
Task 2-3: Joint research activities: the WFD (Water Framework Directive)
This task will coordinate joint research (researchers and students) with UMI, WP3, WP4 and partner 6 and the contribution to the seminar and workshops. These activities will encompass institutional issues dealing with water governance and the implementation of the European Water Framework Directive (WFD).
Months 18-45, with UMI and partners 4, 6
List of deliverables
D2.1: Working papers: “Water security and sustainability EU/USA”
D2.2: Handbook: “Stakeholder workshops”