By preparing a final report on the Feasibility study, we will work on a list of activities and activities and actions to be implemented to open new scientific collaborations and suggest new institutional opportunities.
Our objectives are :
- to analyse the strenghs and weakness of the activities carried out within this project to open UMI3157 to additional European research partners
- to assess the external opportunities and threats to this venture
- to assist in the identification of solutions to identified problem areas in order to pave the way for smooth implementation of the envisioned consortium.
Quality control and evaluation of project feasibility and progress will take place throughout the duration of the project.
Description of work and role of partners
Task 5.1: Guidance and assistance to prepare the Feasibility Study
The analysis will began with an initial scoping of project objectives, project design and scientific content. In this task, the CNRS will organize the work and initiate the collaborations with the partners in order to prepare the Feasibility study. CNRS offers qualified staff to give us a global view as regards all formal, legal and administrative issues that well might occur in our work.
Moreover, each participant will ask for his own legal department support to prepare the Feasibility study.
Task 5.2: Risk assessment analysis
Risks are an inherent element of all action. In order to avoid failure of our Feasibility study we will conduct a risk analysis (D7.3). Evaluation criteria will provide the basis for objective assessment of the alignment of project developments with the Project objectives and will be defined based upon the results of the initial scoping and will be agreed upon with the Project partners.
This report will:
- Establish a procedure to identify and monitor risks
- Take measures to suppress or mitigate their effects (creation of tools, actions to be undertaken…)
The CNRS will work closely with its Legal office in Paris and with the Partners legal departments resources.
Task 5.3: Final report on the Feasibility Study
Consequent to our action plan and to the risk analysis assessment, we will start to work on the Feasibility study itself: we will produce a report that will help the UMI3157 prepare the way for opening our institutional arrangement to additional Member States or Associated Countries’ research organizations.
In this task, the Stakeholders Committee will strongly contribute to the report. He will:
- produce strategic scientific orientations
- suggest new institutional opportunities
- link our field of activity with on-going and future European policies.
The report will give detailed information on how we will reach our objective to create a EU/USA Sustainable Water Centre (SWC) in the USA. It will include but not be restricted to the relevance of research activities for EU policy processes (science policy, water policy), suitability of potential partner expertise and partner aims, and organizational and financial viability of potential cooperation set-ups.
List of deliverables
D5.1: Short report on the action plan to build the Feasibility study
D5.2: Stakeholders Committee recommendations for buiding the Feasibility study 1
D5.3: Report on the risk analysis assessment
D5.4: Stakeholders Committee recommendations for buiding the Feasibility study 2
D5.5: Stakeholders Committee recommendations for buiding the Feasibility study 3
D5.6: Final report on the new institutional arrangement