The Management strategy, organized by the CNRS, will operate to create a high degree of integration among the partners, crucial for achieving the SWAN project objectives. Work Package 6 will ensure an efficient management structure as well as the capacity to react to any problems.
This will be possible due to regular communication and meetings (physical or electronic) between all the nodes of the network. WP 6 will also organize the activities to produce the three main reports that will lead to the Sustainability Water Center.  
Description of work and role of partners
Task 6.1: Project management
This task will organize the work plan according to the management structure (Governing Board and Work Packages) which will also be used as the monitoring plan.
- Starting and monitoring the tasks
- Completion of the deliverables in time
- Resolution of emerging problems.
This task will organize the agendas of the meetings and other informal exchanges (videoconference, mail, phone and collaborative platform).
Task 6.2: Financial and administrative management
- Carry out the Consortium Agreement signature process;
- Formalize the management and collaboration rules within the consortium;
- Set up the collaborative platform;
- Manage the project financial issues;
- Receive the advance payments from the European Commission;
- Distribute the European contribution to the partners;
- Implement the Certificate of Financial Statements;
- Receive and compile the progress reports before sending them to the European Commission;
- Organize the meetings;
- Promote the socio-economic action plan within the network.
List of deliverables
D6.1: Consortium Agreement signed
D6.2: Report on management and collaboration rules
D6.3: First Consortium Report: “An agenda for a Sustainable Water Center”
D6.4: Mid-term Consortium Report: “Building integrated water research for sustainability”
D6.5: Report on the socio-economic action plan
D6.6: Final Strategic Report: “Towards a Sustainable Water Center”