Scientific Reports 2012-2014

Sustainable Water ActioN - SWAN

Deliverable 1.1

Relative Effect of Land Use - Land Cover Change and Climate Change on Extreme Precipitation Events In the Tucson-Phoenix Urban Corridor and Associated Watersheds

Deliverable 1.2

Urban Effects on Regional Climate: A Case Study in the Phoenix and Tucson ‘Sun’ Corridor

Deliverable 2.2

Stakeholders Handbook

Deliverable 3.1

Key Data And Information Requirements In The Context Of Current Debates On Water Management

Deliverable 3.2

Evaluation of the Water Framework Directive implementation process in Europe

Deliverable 4 (Supplement 1)

Water and Urban Growth in Tucson Metropolitan Region: a Remote Sensing Approach

Deliverable 4.1

Working papers: “Geospatial database and visualization tools”

Deliverable 4.2

Water Bankruptcy in the land of plenty: steps towards a transatlantic and transdisciplinary assessment of water scarcity in Southern Arizona

Deliverable 5 (Supplement 1)

Analyzing New Challenges for Water Management: An outline for a trans-disciplinary approach, based on a review of existing conceptual frameworks

Deliverable 5.2

Stakeholders Committee Recommendations for building the Feasibility Study -1


Deliverable 5.4

Strakeholders Committee Recommendations for building the feasibility Study 2

Deliverable 5.5

Strakeholders Committee Recommendations for building the feasibility Study 3