The Dissemination strategy, led by the CNRS, aims to disseminate information on the activities and ongoing or emerging objectives of the SWAN project to all relevant parties (European scientific community, stakeholders and policy markers, public).
By promoting the analysis and representation of approaches and tools used in the project, by preparing dissemination products and channels and by aligning the dissemination strategy with relevant EU programs and policies calendar, SWAN intends to ensure a systematic dissemination of the support actions objectives and outcomes.
Description of work and role of partners
Task 7.1: To design and implement a dissemination plan
This first task will define the Plan for Dissemination and if necessary to update it during its execution. The definition of this plan will take into account two important needs: (i) the identification of the target audience; and (ii) the various dissemination channels used by the partners.
The dissemination plan will be drawn up as follows:
- involvement of the stakeholders and dissemination to policy-markers;
- the main idea is to involve in the dissemination strategy stakeholders who will improve policy-markers’ interest as well as to increase the EU research capacity and implement new collaborations within the joint institute or with additional Member or Associated States;
- web portal on the website;
- newsletters and articles;
- dissemination to the general public.
This dissemination will take different forms described in details en section 3 Impact. We can quote the website, press releases in well-established newspapers, leaflets publication or articles on EU websites… The aim is also to maximize coverage in press, radio and TV.
The work package leader will collaborate closely with the project manager and the project coordinator to implement the dissemination plan. To implement the dissemination strategy, they will be in charge of the dissemination schedule as well as collecting the dissemination components before submitting them through appropriate channels and helping to organize the dissemination. They will make a report during each Progress meeting on new dissemination opportunities and improvements to be carried out in the updated dissemination plan with:
- suggestions on the content for stakeholders and policy-markers;
- coordinating the partners’ suggestions.
Moreover, the work package leader will ensure with the management team:
- management of confidentiality issues;
- communication outside the network;
- identification of the next development steps.
Task 7.2: To set up the SWAN project website and collaborative platform
The project website will be established at the beginning of the project by the project manager. This website will be one of the most dissemination tools with:
- the collaborative platform (private access for the consortium members) where the partners will upload and download internal reports as well as find and share information about the project activities;
- the website portal dedicated to the scientific community and stakeholders to foster new collaborations (with relevant information on the Feasibility study);
- general information for the public.
The website will also be used to implement the recruitment strategy within the network and will provide links with other related European projects and/or ongoing European or international policies. Moreover, e-meetings will be organized each 3 months between the management team and the WP teams on the work progress to resolve any emerging problems.
Task 7.3: Dissemination material
The purpose is to prepare and produce dissemination material to implement the dissemination strategy. Standardized printed dissemination material (brochures, newsletter…) will be produced for dissemination purposes. The printed dissemination material includes the project brochures, the newsletter, the project information package and the project posters.
Task 7.4: International conferences
SWAN project international conferences will be organized to keep informed all the stakeholders concerning the progress and achievement of the project within a wider EU policy perspective. To minimize travel costs, these will be held in conjunction with other project events. Two international conferences will be held in month 24 (in the framework of WP4: “Changing paradigms in urban water studies, management and education”) and in month 48 (final international conference: “An agenda for the Sustainable Water Center”).
List of deliverables
D7.1: Website and collaborative platform established
D7.2: Report on the plan for dissemination
D7.3: Report on the International conference 1
D7.4: Report on the International conference 2 (final conference)